Klára Samková - biography

Klára Samková

JUDr. Klára Alžběta Samková, Ph.D. was born in 1963 in Brno to a family of art historians. She graduated from the Faculty of Law in Brno and Prague. She also studied at the Faculty of Law in London. She has completed a number of foreign internships focused primarily on the protection of human rights, including internships in the Canadian Parliament and the Canadian Human Rights Commission, US Congress and in the office of the republican congressman Christopher Cox. In 1990, she was elected (on the candidate list of „Civic Forum for Roma Civic Initiative“) a member of the Federal Assembly of Czechoslovakia; during her two year term of office she worked in the Constitutional Administration Committee. In 2003, she was nominated by President Václav Klaus to be a judge of the Constitutional Court of Czech republic, but the Senate rejected her candidacy for her alleged „immaturity“.

Since 1994 she has been running her own law office in Prague primarily employing women lawyers (www.lawyers.cz). During her legal practice she has won 15 cases before the European Court of Human Rights and a number of constitutional complaints filed with the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. She is a specialist in family law and she is deeply interested in human rights, although her legal education has been focused on legal theory.

She regularly publishes on her blog www.zrcadleni.cz and she comments on political affairs on her widely followed FB profile. In public she continuously speaks about both legal and political matters. In 2016, she co-founded a feminist association „Éra žen“.

She is the author of several books. So far she has published the following books: "My Journey to Scarlett (and Something More)." – a travel book in the footsteps of the heroine of the novel South against the North, "False Assistant on the Wings of the Parliament" (written together with Lukáš Kohout), "Roma Question – psychological reason of Social Exclusion of Roma/gypsy people" (2011), family law guide: "About divorces" (2012), "I'm Writing, So I Live / I Live, So I Write - a selection of blogs 2008 - 2012" (2013), "Around Europe with Mum" (2014).

In 2016 an extensive interview with her came out as a summary of her legal and philosophical views on „Why Islam Is Not for the Czech Republic“.