Protecting our country

Dearest friend,

you have ventured to the website of the trio founders of newly established group TIME OF WOMEN – Klara Samkova, Katerina Dubnova and Cornelie Prochazkova. We very much appreciate your interest and we will be pleased to welcome you among us!

Firstly, few words about the organisation, whose activity have caught your interest: we have just launched this website, where the statutes are at your disposal and those also contain the aim of the group. Additional materials will also appear on the website in the nearest future, therefore we ask for your kind patience with the content shortcomings for now.

However, we will be happy to start acting already now and we trust, that you and us will find common goals.

What is our group supposed to be?

We have enough of the pseudo-feminist groups, which are financed from various grants/funds, but do not represent the authentic wishes/concerns of the Czech women. We have enough of all the talking of the know-it-alls of the type – “we showed, that we can make it” – and in the end, they are all talk, no action. We are amazed by the statements of the official women organisations, which have already basically become part of the state structure. We do not want any quotas, but we demand, that women are treated as equal human beings enjoying full rights.

It is clear to us, that we will not receive anything for free and at the same time, we do not want anything for free, because we are very well aware, that what comes free carries the highest price: usually the loss of self-respect and independence.

We want to prepare specific points of a program, which we called „many drops make a shower“ – small legislative and economic steps towards an immediate improvement of the position of women. And we are also firmly decided to convey to the political representation of this country, that those who will not commit to unambiguous steps against Islam in the CR cannot count on the votes of the Czech women.